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Pop Top & Whole House Remodel
Observatory Park

This 1920's ranch home origionally was only 1380 square feet and the family needed more space to raise their three children.

By taking the roof off we were able to add a 120 square foot addition and a 1300 square foot second story the home. Within this space is a large master suite with a 5 piece bathroom, 3 large kids bedrooms, a spacious 5 piece kids bathroom, a guest bedroom, new bathroom on the main floor as well as a living and family room.

The homeowners loved their existing kitchen and origional hardwoods so we preserved them during construction. Some key features that were unique to this home are the authentic pizza oven we installed in the kitchen with an outdoor fireplace for the patio as well as an EPA approved wood burning fireplace in the living room. To maximize space we also installed a barn door to the entry of the master bedroom.

Temp Image 1How do you choose someone to tear the roof off your house, gut the insides and rebuild it just the way you want it? Well, to my husband and I it seemed best to choose someone who had done it several times before and someone we could see ourselves spending a lot of time with. Rory was just that person.

He is a very experienced builder who had done several "Pop Tops" and his references were excellent! Besides his great experience and references, Rory was the most approachable and good-natured builder we interviewed.

For us we knew long before a nail was removed that we were likely going to spend a significant amount of time with our builder by nature of the task. We wanted to enjoy that time, have a good relationship with that person and above all try to enjoy the creative process.

Despite how stressful remodeling can be, I felt like I could really talk to Rory, he was always steady, calm and when something wasn't exactly how I wanted it, he made it right - no questions asked.

His nature is warm, he is trustworthy, reliable and he built the home "we wanted" not just any home. He listened and guided us when we needed it and was always focused on making our home just as we envisioned.

Sometimes in life you meet people who are doing exactly what they should be doing- Rory is one of those people. He was meant to be a builder, it's in his blood and he's very good at it!

Melinda and Chris Davis

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